Patient Stories

Mrs F’s Story

Mrs F discovered having endometriosis after an unsuccessful IVF treatment. Even after a laparoscopy and having her cyst ablated, the following IVF attempts including using her frozen eggs were fruitless.

“Due to the stress and heartbreak, I decided to end my journey of trying to become a parent after that third attempt. It was not however, the end of my endometriosis journey.”

Mrs F was then referred to Mr Khazali who listened and advised a second operation. She was keen to get treated and recovered in time for a planned sabbatical in July 2015. She underwent extensive laparoscopic surgery in May 2015.

“Within a week of my operation I was walking and doing light yoga to relax. I successfully completed my sabbatical with no abdominal pain or symptoms. I dived, swam, climbed, ran…….all things that I was not able to do before.

“Thank you to all the team and Mr Khazali for his encouragement and empathy with my situation.”

Mrs F wanted to share her story in the hope that it will inspire someone in the future. She is still presently pain free.


Joz’s Story

“A sincere from the heart thank you to Mr Saikat Banerjee and the CEMIG team who have gone out of their way to get me through an operation that needed immense skill, efficiency, care and kindness.”

Joz has suffered with endometriosis for nearly 20 years. Following a recent scan which showed a frozen pelvis she had surgery in November to excise stage 1V endometriosis and an adhesiolysis (removal of severe adhesions). She also had ureteric stents inserted due to the extent of disease.

“In the build-up to the operation, I felt very scared of this major operation, and for the first time in 20 years of suffering from a very painful disease there is now an Endometriosis Specialist Nurse to help support women. Michelle Davies (specialist nurse) went out of her way to speak to me, at all hours due to work etc. This support and strength got me through a scary operation .And now, during the recovery period Michelle is still there to discuss my worries and concerns. She does an amazing job and it makes such a difference having someone there to get you through a scary time and who understands the operation you are having.”

Joz was in hospital for a week following surgery; during that time she felt that she received excellent care from all of the medical and nursing team on Kingfisher Ward. Joz knows that this is not the end of her journey; she still has to undergo further extensive surgery which may involve bowel surgery and a hysterectomy. However this time she is confident that she will receive the best treatment, care and support available.

“Sorry I don’t know everyone’s names but thank you to all of the medical teams who performed my operation and made sure that my aftercare was excellent-they made sure I understood what was happening at all times (I was not ‘with it’ for a couple of days ‘after the operation). A big thank-you to Mr Collins (urologist) who assisted Mr Banerjee with the operation. He attended my bedside and made me feel confident that I was going to be OK.”

“A massive thank-you to the majority of the kind, doing more than their jobs warrant them to do, in aiding me to try and have a speedy and comfortable recovery as possible. I have been overwhelmed with the kindness and more than efficient surgery and nursing given to me in the week I spent at St. Peters Hospital. I want to make sure that you know your skills and kindness and care are priceless.”

(printed with kind permission)


Miss H’s Story

Miss H was diagnosed with endometriosis at 18yrs old. Over the years her pain became debilitating and she had to give up a fantastic apartment and job in London to move back home with her parents as she was unable work or manage her symptoms without the help and support of her family.

Her GP has always been very understanding and has referred her to several different hospitals for treatment. However until the age of 29 everyone had told Miss H that her endometriosis was very difficult to treat and they only managed to laser small amounts of endo during each surgery. In total Miss H had 7 laparoscopies, 6 nerve blocks and 5 lumbar numbing injections. Prior to seeing the team at CEMIG Miss H felt that her care was not co-ordinated, she always had to chase up referrals and appointments and she had a number of emergency admissions to hospital for the severe pains she still had for most of her monthly cycle.

She heard about CEMIG from a nurse at one of her A+E admissions-even though she lived some distance away her GP referred her to see Mr Shaheen Khazali one of the consultants at CEMIG.

“Until I met Mr Khazali, I never thought my endometriosis would ever be managed or that I would ever be pain free. The first time I met him he was optimistic and confident and that had lacked in the past-it was the first time in 9 years I thought someone cared enough and someone was going to get me better. He is a truly magnificent surgeon.”

Miss H had her initial consultation in May and went on to have surgery in July. She had excision (not laser) of deep infiltrating endometriosis and due to the severity of the disease had to have ureteric stents inserted and the formation of a temporary stoma. The whole team, gynaecologists, urologist, colorectal surgeon and endometriosis specialist nurse have been involved in her care during surgery and supporting her in the months that followed.

“Michelle (specialist nurse), you have been my life line-without you I don’t know how I would have got through these past months. You have been at the end of the phone any time I have needed help or advice. You have even provided guidance and support for other medical issues I have been dealing with which are not your area of expertise, but I know you that you will always listen to me when I feel no-one else cares enough to help”

Miss H was very pleased with the care that she received from the team. Most important to her is that she now knows her disease was severe and that her pains were real-previously she felt that people did not believe how much pain she was in.

Although she still has some pain before and around her periods they are now manageable and she is able to plan her future which includes getting married and starting a family and returning to work as soon as she has the stoma reversal surgery which is planned for December.


(names have been changed to maintain patient confidentiality)