Patient Comments

We are always happy to receive your comments and suggestions to further improve the treatment and care we provide for women living with endometrioisis.

Please email with your comments.


Apart from usual post-surgery discomfort at the incision sites, and a little tired as to be expected, I am feeling wonderful! The permanent pain I had in my womb & sacrum has disappeared! I can see myself improving every day and I’m very positive that I’m on my way to having a pain free life with my daughter very soon, and this is all thanks to you. Thank you so much for helping me get the surgery I needed, for pushing for me to get it sooner to end my prolonged suffering, and for your kindness every time we spoke. Thank you for removing this awful disease from my body. You really are one in a million and I will always be grateful to you for everything you’ve done to help me.

I will continue to raise awareness about endometriosis & tell others how you and the team at CEMIG can help change other women’s lives in battling this disease.


Mr Khazali a wonderful man. Cannot thank him enough for his honesty and care. He is a credit to the NHS.


Mr Banerjee and Luz Hughes were very helpful and understanding about the pain I was in. They did all they could to help me manage it and I was cared for in such a loving way. I can’t thank them enough and their team. I feel like I have my life back now and I’m starting to be a mum again and live my life to the max1 Thank you all so much for all you’ve done for me. I couldn’t have had anyone better to care for me. I got 100% care and kindness from Mr Banerjee and his team. I have fully recovered and back to 100% health. Thank you once again to all the doctors and nurses that have helped me over the past year.


Mr Khazali has been absolutely amazing. I underwent a long and complex procedure. From the start to finish, he has always been honest, informative and compassionate. I always had complete confidence in the outcome of my surgery and always felt totally looked after and had a personalised experience. Two weeks post op, I am feeling very good. I am very grateful to Mr Khazali and the team. We couldn’t be more grateful for all the help and information we were provided by Luz. Before my op, I was anxious and Luz was always happy to talk to me or my husband about any concerns we had. My husband and I send our complete thanks to Luz for being such a fantastic support and help at a worrying and traumatic time.


Specialist nurse Luz is friendly. She listened to all my concerns and was able to put a plan in action. She is a valuable member of staff. Very impressed with the service and treatment I received. Thank you!


Luz is lovely and very informative. Thank you!


Thank you Luz! You have been so helpful and I look forward to meeting you again at our follow up appointment.

Mr Banerjee and Mr Khazali have both been fantastic. Mr Banerjee always listened to what I wanted and I am very pleased with the successful outcome. Thank you!


The doctor was friendly and confident. He was kind to me as well. I would have appreciated information on what to do after surgery, what to expect and more information on my condition.

Luz Hughes was always willing to speak with me over the phone. She took time to answer my questions and address my concerns. I always felt comfortable getting in touch with her.

Couldn’t ask for a better consultant with Mr Khazali. He was kind and courteous. On the day of my procedure, explained everything again. Procedure almost cancelled on the day (again) but consultant pushed for me to have procedure. Quality of life now undescribable and couldn’t have wished for better. Fantastic job by all. Thank you.


Luz Hughes was excellent. She made me feel at ease, answered all my questions and left me feeling reassured I am not alone when I go home.

I have complete trust in both Mr Banerjee and Mr Khazali as my consultants. Everybody that looked after me before, during and after my operation has been amazing.


Luz Hughes, the nurse specialist was polite, friendly and explained what would happen fully. Very happy with the service.

All the nurses, anaesthetist and doctor gave me excellent care before my operation. Overall excellent service.


Everything was absolutely brilliant. Excellent care! Thank you.

Day Surgery at Ashford was excellent. Everyone was kind, polite and understanding. Everyone made me very relaxed. Thank you all!


Just one, I think it is better if patient is given time for the consent form to be explained ahead of time like during a consultation instead of on the day of surgery.


Luz Hughes was so kind, highly polite and considerate. She listened carefully and I definitely have confidence in her. Everyone was so kind. They are extremely helpful. It was a great experience. I will always remember their great care and gracious behaviour. Thanks a lot!

Everything was perfect. I am extremely satisfied. Everyone was so kind, caring and polite. From doctors to nurses and others in the team – I am highly thankful!

I was very pleased with how well Luz Hughes, the nurse specialist explained every stage of treatment. I have felt well looked after.

I was very happy with my treatment and the kindness and friendliness of the specialist nurse and consultant.

It was a very informative chat with the doctor before the operation and helped me make my decision. I felt very confident and was looked after by all staff. Excellent service! Thank you!


Mr Khazali has been very nice and thorough. I have had problems for years with other hospitals and recently moved to this area so to come across a doctor that actually listens to and understands is like a breath of fresh air.


While waiting to hear for my operation date, I was in pain and contacted Luz Hughes whose number I got from the Mr Khazali’s visit card. She was very kind to me and has given me confidence that everything will be alright. She was right! Thank you!


Specialist nurse Luz Hughes is wonderful, caring and calm!

Everyone was very caring, explained everything to me. They all deserve a medal!


I could not be happier with the care I have received both in hospital and following my operation. I have never felt like a number in the system. As a result of the overwhelming care and kindness I have been shown, I have recovered very well and feel confident with my treatment going forward. I can’t thank you all enough.


Mr Khazali was very understanding of my situation and took the time to Listen and then explain everything to me. I went away not wanting a hysterectomy but the size of fibroid was massive. I changed my mind and received a letter to see M rKhazali before the operation and I thought this showed patient care. This put me at ease and I had every confidence in Mr Khazali. So much so that key-hole was not a high option but it was done. From the consultation and phone callswith the secretaries, I could not ask for a better patient care. Even the secretaries Dhruvi and Emma were so understanding and put me at ease. Thank you to all the team!

Luz was very nice to me. The follow up appointment was good. She offered me advice and listened to any queries I had. A couple of months later I had concerns and sent an email to Luz and she made another appointment for me to see Mr Khazali. Great patient care. I just wish my Doctor’s surgery was this efficient!


Everything was done perfectly. I had no problems. No more pain. Thank you!


Didn’t need to see nurse. But feedback from follow up post op phonecall was reassuring. Very good service.


Very satisfied with care and attention from the nurse specialist. Very helpful.

Doctor I’ve seen was first one who really understood what I was talking about (symptoms of the disease). Very satisfied with my surgery!


Mr Banerjee is an absolutely great doctor. Went through everything and gave me everything I needed and eased my mind. Many thanks.


I would like to thank Mr Khazali his team and also Luz Hughes, specialist nurse for pelvic pain for being so fantastic. I feel safe and at ease in their care. I am so grateful for all you have done and being a wonderful team.

Thank you, Luz for being a fantastic nurse and being there for me. Everything you explained is clear. I feel safe and at ease in your care. Please continue all your good work.


I had a Total Hysterectomy which was conducted by Mr Banerjee. He was very professional. He talked me through in detail about the procedure I was going to go through. He was very caring and knows his field inside out. The pre/post operation was well handled.

The hospital stay was convenient and all the nurses/staff very friendly and quite helpful.

I am well and very happy I finally decided to undergo the operation.


Mr Khazali performed a laparoscopy on me in February to unblock both fallopian tubes. My operation was a success and has been pain free since.

I would also like to add, the level of service we have had from Dr Khazali has been first class and would highly recommend him to friends and family.


My treatment under Mr Khazali has worked. My pain has stopped. I’m happy with my treatment.


Mr Shaheen Khazali was very efficient in organising very prompt surgery. He also came to visit me several times on the ward after the operation. IT has been a big difference with coming up to Ashford and St Peters Hospital after waiting for more than 30 weeks back in Cornwall with the Royal Cornwall Hospital. I have a lot of trust in Mr Khazali and is he very caring, and he is very good at his job.


My Doctor, Mr Khazali has been very excellent with all the communication, operation and after operation explanations. Professional. He is a very important member of this team. I am so grateful for all that’s done to me. I went home the next day, stable.


Very Excellent care rendered to me.


Luz was very helpful & professional. She kept me updated pre and post operatively. She is a very important person in this team. I felt reassured at all times. Once more, thanks for the excellent care.


Thanks to Mr Banerjee and registrar and anaesthetic team!


Luz was absolutely lovely!


Nurse specialist was very polite and courteous and explained everything very well.


The staff at St Peters are amazing and I will be writing a letter of praise.

Thank you for everything and please pass on my Thanks to Dr Khazali!