On average it takes 8 years between first experiencing symptoms to the diagnosis of endometriosis.

Part of the reason for this could be that the symptoms of endometriosis are also the common symptoms of many other conditions, therefore making it difficult for doctors to diagnose. You may have been to see your GP several times before you are referred to hospital for treatment.

Please bear in mind that both the GP and the hospital consultant may want to examine your abdomen, and possibly examine you internally, to help them with their diagnosis. If you are concerned about this, please let them know. You will have a chaperone present during the examination.

When you see your consultant try to share as much information as possible during your appointment so that we can provide you with the best possible care. You may be asked to complete a pain questionnaire and/or pain diary, if you prefer you can print these off from this website and complete them at home. Please bring them with you to your appointment.

You may find that you become emotional when you are telling the doctor about your symptoms. This is perfectly normal. It may be the first time that you are telling anyone about them, you may feel embarrassed about the nature of the things you are discussing or you may not know why you feel emotional. Please remember that the doctor will have seen it all before, many times – probably even that same day! – so try not to feel too embarrassed.