Fertility problems

Most women with endometriosis are able to have children without any problems.

It is estimated that up to 70% of women with mild to moderate endometriosis will still be able to get pregnant without treatment. Pregnancy is also known to reduce the symptoms of endometriosis, although the symptoms often return once the menstrual cycle returns to normal.

Surgery can improve fertility by removing endometriosis tissue, but there is no guarantee that this will allow you to get pregnant.

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Adhesions and ovarian cysts

Adhesions are ‘sticky’ areas of endometriosis tissue that can fuse organs together.

Ovarian cysts (fluid-filled cysts in the ovaries), can occur when the endometriosis tissue is in or near the ovaries.

Endometriomas are cysts filled with a thick brown tar like substance (a mixture of endometriosis cells and old blood) and are also known as chocolate cysts.

Both of these complications can be removed through surgery, but may recur if the endometriosis returns.


Post- operative complications

Whilst every effort will be taken to ensure your wellbeing, there are risks associated with any surgery.

These include pain, bleeding, infection and risk of DVT (clots in your legs or lungs)

Please read the laparoscopy leaflet in the patient resources section for more details.