Comment 47

The whole surgical team from the CEMIG (led by Dr.Khazali) were also excellent and very clear in explaining the procedure to me and they did a wonderful job with the surgery. I am so grateful to them all.

I would also like to highlight the endometriosis specialist nurse, Luz Hughes as an outstanding practitioner. She has kept in touch with me throughout the months of when I was on the waiting list for the operation and she was often calling me out of office hours in order to offer me re-assurance and advice at times when I was very worried and distressed. During my stay in hospital she ensured that I had understood all the information given to me about my surgery and she also provided re-assurance and support to my husband. Post-operatively Luz gave very clear detailed instructions on how to ensure a successful recovery at home and she followed up on my recovery progress over the phone a few days after I was discharged. She truly is an outstanding practitioner; highly knowledgeable, caring and supportive.

Comment 46

I am so happy with my care under Mr Minas. He listened attentively to my questions and answered them in a way I could understand in order to make the right decision. He was very professional and caring. I had confidence that I am in good hands. The surgery went well and I felt well taken care of afterwards. A very good experience indeed!

Comment 45

A big thank you to Luz Hughes. She was kind and amazing, and did her best to support me on the day of my surgery and not only I felt safe and encouraged. I feel that I wouldn’t have gone through the procedure if it wasn’t for her who put a lot of effort to firstly calm me down but also to explain me the process. I was surprised and impressed to have received a phone call at home after my discharge and it really made me feel special, well looked after and in good hands. The follow up call really make so much difference as I wasn’t sure how the procedure went and what exactly was done but the nurses called me and updated me and I had a chance to discuss the further plans. I am so pleased to have been looked after by such amazing team who put so much effort into raising my chances of finally becoming a mummy 😊. Thank you!

Comment 44

Since the moment I met Dr Minas I completely entrusted him and I had faith that he will fix my infertility problem. I am extremely grateful for his (and his team) services and I am finally confident that we can now become a family. Dr Minas is a wonderful person, a very caring and responsible professional whom I trust and thank for all the efforts he put into sorting out my case. Thank you Doctor and your team! You are all wonderful!

Comment 42

Despite the pressure of a busy clinic, Mr Vasileios Minas allowed plenty of time to answer and discuss my concerns. He showed his knowledge and discussed options honestly, enabling me to make a well-informed decision about the operation. His passion for achieving the best outcomes for patients is clear. I feel extremely fortunate to have been under his care!

Comment 41

Every time I’ve met Mr Khazali, he has been the most polite doctor, who genuinely cares about his patients. He calmly listens to what I have to say and explains everything in the right amount of detail. What I love the most is he tries his level best so that you can feel better and finally live your life. Forever grateful!

Comment 40

Luz is brilliant. She was really helpful before my surgery in answering all my questions and when she gave me a call a couple of days after surgery. Luz explains everything really well and is extremely patient. When I met her three months post op, she didn’t rush through the appointment at all. She addressed all my concerns and gave me a lot of her invaluable time.

Comment 39

Luz Hughes was very helpful and efficient. I managed to get referred to CEMIG with her help. She kindly answered my concerns before surgery.

Comment 38

I have just seen Mr Khazali and am pleased to say that I am now completely pain free, my bowel function is normal and sex is no longer painful. I did not realise what it was like to be “normal” again. I am very happy and grateful to the CEMIG team.