Comment 48

The CEMIG team are absolutely amazing and have helped me massively after over a decade of seeking to get a proper diagnosis and treatment elsewhere. The team is so knowledgeable and highly skilled that I completely trust them to provide the very best advice and current available treatment. I only wish that there are more centres available to women like me around the country under the NHS, so that the correct diagnosis and treatment can be given more quickly to more endometriosis sufferers. There is so much misunderstanding of this disease even with the medical professions. I had to do years of research and self-diagnosis and despite confirmation of endometriosis on laparoscopy, I was initially refused the correct treatment and referral. The CEMIG team provided a detailed and comprehensive information about my condition, always given me opportunities to ask questions and at every stage made certain that I am completely happy with the treatment plan – particularly with respect to major decisions such as proceeding with hysterectomy.