Comment 15

Mr Khazali was very understanding of my situation and took the time to Listen and then explain everything to me. I went away not wanting a hysterectomy but the size of fibroid was massive. I changed my mind and received a letter to see M rKhazali before the operation and I thought this showed patient care. This put me at ease and I had every confidence in Mr Khazali. So much so that key-hole was not a high option but it was done. From the consultation and phone callswith the secretaries, I could not ask for a better patient care. Even the secretaries Dhruvi and Emma were so understanding and put me at ease. Thank you to all the team!

Luz was very nice to me. The follow up appointment was good. She offered me advice and listened to any queries I had. A couple of months later I had concerns and sent an email to Luz and she made another appointment for me to see Mr Khazali. Great patient care. I just wish my Doctor’s surgery was this efficient!